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IPD doctor

Mehdi Moadi

Born in 1327 Mashhad

Academic Degree:

    Diploma 1346
Medical examinations with a rank of 54 in 1346
Graduated from the Faculty of Public Medicine 1353 from the University of Mashhad.
National Specialist Range, Urology Specialist, first ranked in May 1979

Academic Degrees:

Since 1979, Assistant Professor and Associate Professor since 2001, Full Professor has trained and trained medical students in two general medical and doctoral departments in Mashhad University of Medical Sciences.

Specialty activities:

In addition to general urology, especially in the field of male infertility and kidney transplantation, since 1367, the first kidney transplant in Mashhad, I have been a regular member of the kidney transplant team, and so far has had more than 3,000 kidney transplants from donors. We also have brain deaths (from two years old to adult 60 years old) by our team from Imam Reza Hospital (AS).

Scientific activities:

    Compilation of two books of urgency in urology (kidney, bladder, prostate) as well as genital tract
Print over 47 articles in reputable international and foreign medical journals
Master Guide to more than 50 general and specialized PhD theses
Participation in the presentation of articles in lectures and posters in more than 70 international, international and national congresses in Iran. Management activities in the history of the Department of Urology of Mashhad University of Medical Sciences
Member of the board of directors of Mashhad Sina Hospital – Mashhad Dermatology Clinic and Armagh Parse Infertility Center

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Endourology refers to a specific specialty area in urology in which small internal endoscopes and instrumentation are used to see into the
specialty area in urology in which small
urinary tract and perform surgery.

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