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Gallstones form in the Gallbladder, which is a sac that stores bile, a digestive juice that helps the body digest fats. The gallbladder attaches to the liver. Food containing fat typically reaches the small intestine and a hormone called cholecystokinin is then produced in the intestinal wall and carried to the ball bladder. This makes the gallbladder force bile into the bile duct helping with digestion of fats. Sometimes particles in the bile harden or crystallize however, causing them to form gall stones.

The Operation

Gallbladder surgery is often recommended for people that present with gallstone inflammation or a condition called cholecystitis. Thousands of people seek medical help from hospitals ever year because of gallbladder problems. Many of them require surgical intervention. Often gall stones are to blame. A surgery is often recommended to help people with chronic problems with gallstones – cholecystectomy surgery.

After the Operation- At Home

Usually at home you will take care to avoid infection by caring for your incision and avoiding irritation. Many people will have to remain in the hospital up to 5 days following an open surgery. Several weeks of home recovery may be necessary.

Price : 140.000.000 Rials



Endourology refers to a specific specialty area in urology in which small internal endoscopes and instrumentation are used to see into the
specialty area in urology in which small
urinary tract and perform surgery.

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